C.20 – an international journal

C.20– an international journal

is a peer-reviewed online international journal of the Durrell Library of Corfu, publishing on every aspect of literature and the arts in the twentieth century. Its special focus will be on the nucleus of writers and artists living in Paris in the 1930s, including Lawrence Durrell, Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Brassaï, Hans Reichel, Otto Rank and many others.

The centrality of Lawrence Durrell in the literature of the twentieth century (as poet, novelist, travel writer and diplomat) connects him with an ever-widening circle of association: in London, with Dylan Thomas, Tambimuttu and TS Eliot; in Greece, with George Seferis, George Katsimbalis, Niko Ghika, and Theodore Stephanides; in Egypt and the Levant with the war-time writers including Keith Douglas, Olivia Manning, Bernard Spencer and Terence Tiller; and elsewhere with Richard Aldington, Isak Dinesen, C G Jung, and Patrick Leigh Fermor, among many others.

Having lived in Corfu 1935-1939, Lawrence Durrell and his brother Gerald Durrell in their writings confirmed Corfu as a cosmopolitan island. A further theme of C.20 will therefore be their association with issues such as local culture, tourism, conservation and “spirit of place”, with personalities such as Gostan Zarian, and Lawrence Durrell’s lifelong immersion in the culture of the Greek world.

C.20 will have the following structure:

Essays on literature and the arts, including the visual arts and music

Work-in-progress: incipient fictions, poetry, essays

Q&A: a forum for lively and provocative exchange of views and information

Reviews of fiction, poetry, biography and historical and critical studies of any aspect of the twentieth century.

We will also publish requests for research-related information, notices of significant publications and events, reports on exhibitions, concerts and conferences.

The inaugural issue of C.20 will appear to coincide with the DLC’s symposium “ISLANDS OF THE MIND” in Corfu, 23-28 June 2019. Subsequent issues will appear at the discretion of the Editor, but not less than once each year.

Prospective contributors should send a summary of their proposed work to: editor@c20ajournal.com. All proposals which, in the opinion of the relevant editor, merit inclusion will be submitted for peer-review before being accepted for publication.

Editor: Richard Pine (Ireland and Greece)

Arts Editor: Dominic Green (UK and USA)

Greek Editor: Vera Konidaris (Greece)

Poetry Editor: Rony Alfandary (Israel)

Editorial advisory board: Brewster Chamberlin (USA), Yiorgos Chouliaras (Greece), David Green (Australia), Anthony Hirst (UK), Bruce Redwine (USA), David Roessel (USA)

The journal can be contacted at the following: editor@c20ajournal.com

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