“Durrell Studies” series from the Durrell Library of Corfu and Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Series editor: Richard Pine

“Durrell Studies” is a new departure in the publishing of essay collections and monographs emanating from the work of the Durrell Library of Corfu, to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

The series will feature studies of the work of Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990) and Gerald Durrell (1925-1995), and their associates, including Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Theodore Stephanides, Gostan Zarian, Richard Aldington and Patrick Leigh Fermor. In addition it will include works on regions such as the Levant and the Balkans where Lawrence Durrell spent significant periods of his life.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP) have to date published five volumes of Durrell School/Library proceedings, and also the two-volume collection of uncollected prose Lawrence Durrell’ s Endpapers and Inklings 1933-1988, edited by Richard Pine.


The most recent DLC publication by Cambridge Scholars is Islands of the Mind: Psychology, Literature and Biodiversity edited by Richard Pine and Vera Konidari.


CSP have also published several related titles in the area of modern Greek studies, as well as Ravi Nambiar’s monograph on Indian Metaphysics in the work of Lawrence Durrell. It is envisaged that “Durrell Studies” will capitalise on the achievement of these publications and that of the Durrell School/Library output to date.

“Durrell Studies” will also contribute significantly to the interpretation of modern Greek, Balkan and Levantine literature and culture.

It is anticipated that “Durrell Studies” has the capacity to generate at least two volumes each year.

The first two volumes in the “Durrell Studies” series will be published in 2021:

  • Borders and Borderlands: explorations of identity, exile, translation and transition, edited by Richard Pine and Vera Konidari
  • Collected Essays on Lawrence Durrell by Richard Pine

Six further volumes are at the planning stage and will be announced during 2020.

Richard Pine says: “While we have several vibrant projects in hand, we welcome suggestions and submissions from emergent and established critical talent. In encouraging new writing in the field of Durrell Studies we intend to become the principal focus for the development of critical appraisal of the achievements of the many personalities and themes relevant to Greece, the Balkans and the Levant, to literature, the arts and the sciences and to the continuing presence of writers and thinkers such as Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


Richard Pine is Director of the Durrell Library of Corfu and author of Lawrence Durrell: the Mindscape (1994/2005). His books include The Thief of Reason: Oscar Wilde and Modern Ireland (1995), The Disappointed Bridge: Ireland and the Post-Colonial World (2014), Greece Through Irish Eyes (2015) and Minor Mythologies as Popular Literature (2018). He has edited Lawrence Durrell’s novels Judith and The Placebo and a two-volume edition of his Endpapers and Inklings: Uncollected Prose 1933-1988. He is a guest lecturer at the Ionian University, a columnist for The Irish Times and Kathimerini, an obituarist for The Guardian and editor of the online journal C.20.


– Rony ALFANDARY, author of Exile and Return: a Psychoanalytic Study of Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet (Routledge, 2018) and  director of the Psychotherapy Center, University of Haifa;

– Peter BALDWIN, specialist publisher (Delos Press) of several Lawrence Durrell collections;

– Lee DURRELL, widow of Gerald Durrell; author of State of the Ark an atlas of conservation in action (1986) and co-author, with Gerald Durrell, of A Practical Guide for the Amateur Naturalist and Durrell in Russia;

– Vera KONIDARI, co-editor of Islands of the Mind (CSP 2020) and Borders and Borderlands (CSP 2021) and translator of Lawrence Durrell and Theodore Stephanides;

– Ian MACNIVEN, authorised biographer of Lawrence Durrell (1998) and James Laughlin (2014) and editor of The Durrell-Miller Letters 1935-1980 (1988);

– David ROESSEL, Peter and Stella Yiannos Professor of Greek Language and Literature at Stockton University (USA); author of In Byron’s Shadow: Modern Greece in the English and American Imagination (2002), and co-editor of Lawrence Durrell’s The Placebo (2018);

– Harish TRIVEDI. professor of English, Delhi University; author of Colonial Transactions: English Literature and India (1998) and co-editor of Postcolonial Translation: Theory and Practice – Translation Studies (1998) and Literature and Nation: Britain and India 1800-1990 (2001).