East, West, Greece – 2022


Due to the prevailing uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and its aftermath both in Greece and internationally, this symposium has been cancelled.

The question of whether Greece “belongs” to the West or to the East has been central to politics, sociology, cultural analysis and economics since the late eighteenth century. In addition to the binary issue of “either/or” is that of both: that Greece continues to exhibit characteristics of both western and eastern persuasions.

The establishment of the state of Greece from 1821 to 1831 featured the introduction, to a society almost exclusively eastward-looking in character, of ideas drawn from western models of statehood. The debate as to the viability and ontology of such a state continues today.

However, many of the scheduled participants will feature in a book which will be published in 2023 in the “Durrell Studies” series.

Greece Between East and West – Culture and Geopolitics (Durrell Studies 7) is now published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing – this link takes you to the publishers’ website:



Foreword by Roderick Beaton
Editor’s Preface
Notes on Contributors
Chapter One: Introduction: Geopolitics and the Spirit of Place by Richard Pine

Political Life Past and Present
Chapter Two : A Voice in the Wilderness: Ion Dragoumis, Greece, and the West by John Mazis
Chapter Three : Leros: Foucault’s Node by Neni Panourgiá
Chapter Four: (Re)staging Thermopylae: Barriers, Borders and the Humanitarian Supply Chain at the European Frontier
by Chloe Howe Haralambous
Chapter Five : Cultural Memory and Social Habilitation: the refugee experience by Emilia Salvanou

Culture East and West
Chapter Six : The Lure of the Orient in Greek Music and Literature by Gail Holst-Warhaft
Chapter Seven : The Humanity of Medea by Spyros D. Orfanos
Chapter Eight : A Touch of Spice: Tassos Boulmetis in Conversation with Richard Pine

The Balkans and the Levant: Two Fictions and Three Cities
Chapter Nine : “The Howl” from To the Lake by Kapka Kassabova
Chapter Ten : The Conception and Composition of A Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible by Christy Lefteri
Chapter Eleven : “Bride of the Mediterranean”: Modern Alexandria and the Greek Legacy
by Robin Ostle
Chapter Twelve : İzmir 1922: A Port City Unravels by Reşat Kasaba
Chapter Thirteen : What Did W B Yeats Understand by “Byzantium”? by Roy Foster

India, China and the Rediscovery of Greece
Chapter Fourteen : Shaping the History of Modern Greek Literature in the Long 18th Century:
Between Tradition and Innovation by Stratos Myrogiannis
Chapter Fifteen : Early Buddhism and the Greeks by Richard Stoneman
Chapter Sixteen : Bengali Reception of Greece in the Colonial Era: Some Facets by Sirshendu Majumdar
Chapter Seventeen : Greece and the Expanding East: a modern aspect of the “Silk Road”
by Sophia Kalantzakos
Appendix : Some Notes on Lawrence Durrell in Greece, the Balkans and the Levant by Richard Pine