Lawrence Durrell: the Mindscape

Lawrence Durrell: the Mindscape

by Richard Pine

[First edition (1994) published by Macmillan Press

Second (revised) edition (2005) published by Durrell School of Corfu]


Part 1              The Child

  1. ‘Une Vie Artistique’ chapter1
  2. ‘Quests, Confessions and Puzzles’
  3. The Child and the House chapter3

Part 2              The Island

4. ‘Islomania’ chapter4

5. ‘Pessaries of Grace’chapter5

6. An ‘Ionian Quartet’ chapter6

Part 3              The City

7. The City as Field  chapter7

8. The City as metaphor chapter8

9. The City as Court of Love chapter9

Part 4              The Refusal

10. Subversions chapter10

11. Ireland as a State of Mind chapter11

12. Sperectomy chapter12

Part 5              The Miracle

13. The ‘Unreadable Book’ chapter13

14. ‘Why?’: the Question of Writing chapter14

15. The Heart Evolved  chapter15

Appendix: Creating Lawrence Durrell: the Mindscape appendix